Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Test Kit. Results Within 15 Minutes.

Benefits Of Our COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit

• One step finger-prick blood sample test.
• Tested by a UK microbiologist.
• Test yourself from the comfort of your own home.
• Discount available when buying 20 tests or more.

Our COVID-19 antibody test kit:

•1 Buffer bottle per kit
• 5 tests + 1
• 6 Finger Prick Pins
• 6 alcohol pads
1 Instruction leaflet

What samples can I use?

The test cassette will work with whole blood, plasma, or serum. Capillary blood is the easiest to obtain via a finger pinprick, however, venous blood obtained via venepuncture is also suitable. The type of sample will not affect the sensitivity or accuracy of the test. Please take care when inoculating the test to only use 5uL as marked by the black line on the pipette. 

Test validity

Most accurate results will be obtained within 15 minutes of the test being inoculated with sample and buffer solution. If you didn’t read the results within this time, the test may not be accurate and you should repeat it.

When using the COVID-19 lateral flow test, biomarkers in the blood will bind to the antibodies on the test strip, leaving a visible test line. There are separate test lines for IgG and IgM and only one needs to be visible for a positive result. If neither IgG ‎nor IgM is detected, only the control line (C) will show.

What are IgG and IgM?

Immunoglobulins are antibodies themselves and are part of our immune system. When we get an infection, such as COVID-19, immunoglobulins are produced, which attach to the virus and activate the rest of the immune system to attack and clear the virus. IgM is the first immunoglobulin to be produced and is a general antibody that can bind to many different types of pathogen. The presence of IgM is an indicator of early infection. IgG is a more specialised antibody that specifically binds to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The presence of IgG is an indicator of later stage infection (usually 7 days or longer after infection).

What is the buffer solution for and can I use any buffer with the test?

The buffer solution has two functions. It acts as the carrier for the sample, allowing it to laterally flow along the test strip, and it maintains a constant sample pH as it flows, preventing degradation of the biomarkers and the antibodies. We recommend that you only use the buffer solution provided with the test kits, as other ones may affect the accuracy of the test.

The test will be able to detect IgM/IgG in asymptomatic people, as they will have an immune response even though they don’t display symptoms. The timeline of infection will be the same as someone displaying symptoms.

About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can affect your airways and lungs, caused by the recent outbreak of coronavirus.

The most common symptoms associated with COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and a dry cough, though other symptoms have been identified more recently. Symptoms can take up to 14 days to appear so it is difficult to know if someone has been infected ahead of these conditions appearing. In the meantime, infected people can spread the virus

Using rapid screening for COVID-19 has huge time and cost savings when compared to laboratory screening, and will help to control the spread of the virus by identifying infection rapidly and accurately.

The test cassette is easy to use, needing only a finger-prick sample to function, much like a blood glucose test.

As well as whole blood, the cassette can also be run with serum or plasma samples.

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